What should I expect after the fitting? |

Continued follow-up care is essential for successful hearing aid use. These appointments may be more frequent directly after being fit with new hearing aid devices because you may need further instruction and setting adjustments as you familiarize yourself to the new sounds and the hearing aid experience. After the initial adjustment period we recommend that annual follow-up care is performed. Annual follow-up appointments include retesting hearing to monitor the hearing loss, making adjustments to the settings of the hearing instruments if necessary (based on the audiometric testing), checking the function of the hearing aids and cleaning the hearing aids. These services are included in the initial cost of the instruments.

We believe it is vital that every patient who is fitted with hearing aids from our practice is satisfied with his or her purchase. That is why we offer a thirty day satisfaction guarantee. After the initial fitting, we make additional adjustments as needed to help enhance the effectiveness of an individual’s hearing aids. However, if at the end of thirty days, a patient is not satisfied with the benefit he or she is receiving, the hearing aids may be returned for a refund less a minimal restocking fee or exchanged for another model.